We believe the starting point for optimal, vibrant health and rejuvenation is through the foods you consume. You really are what we eat. If you consume dead, lifeless food, you can feel fatigued, sluggish and even ill. If however you consume living, healthy foods full of colour, nutrients and enzymes, you will feel full of energy and enthusiasm.

This is why we offer the best quality, healthy, food at our wellness retreats. The majority of the food is organic and guests often comment on how delicious it is.

You won’t be served meat, refined flour, bread, cow’s dairy, eggs, coffee, ‘normal’ tea, alcohol or refined sugar during your health retreat. These foods cause a lot of inflammation and stress to the body which can make you feel fatigued. Cutting these out, even for a few days, can make you feel vibrant and full of energy.

Foods you will see are fruits, vegetables, beans, lentils, nuts, seeds, avocados, oils, juices, smoothies, etc. Below are some examples of the food we serve.


Morning super food shot-

Every morning you will have a green super food shot. This is full of living vitamins, minerals and enzymes which help kick start your body for the day. It may not look like food, but your body will see it as food and appreciate it.



Breakfast is a very important meal of the day… but so are all the others! Breakfast does fuel you for the day and either kick starts fat burning or fat storing. If you start the day off with a poor breakfast, you will very likely get blood sugar dips and cravings throughout the rest of the day. We always opt for a smoothie with lots of vitamins and minerals to fuel your cells, as well as good quality protein and fats to help keep blood sugars stable and hunger at bay.

One example is our Green Goddess smoothie.



Lunch is a mix of lots of different whole foods including salads, dips, baked vegetable dishes, beans dishes etc. There is always lots of variety so plenty to choose from and to keep you happy and full!

Example lunch dishes include-

Turkish tabbouleh salad, Pea hummus, stuffed vine leaves, beetroot dip and apple and tahini salad.



The evening meal may be tacos or even pad thai! We also finish with something sweet. Obviously still super healthy with no refined sugar, wheat, dairy etc. One example is our salted caramel chocolate tart!

We encourage you to drink between 3-5 litres of water a day. This includes unlimited herbal teas. Consuming healthy liquids such as water and herbal teas aids elimination of toxins and helps you stay hydrated.

We cater for special diets and allergies so please let us know if you have any special requirements.