"Eat whole natural foods! Nothing processed, out of a packet or microwaved, we are not vegan, paleo, raw foodies etc as we don't like to subscribe ourselves to a specific diet."



These are a few of our do’s and don’ts to begin healthy living.


So called ‘diet’, ‘low fat’ and ‘healthy’ foods. If it has to tell you it is these things, there is something wrong with it! This includes yoghurts, desserts, drinks (like ‘healthy’ water?!! Isn’t water healthy already??), margarine etc.  

Processed and packaged foods such as bread, canned foods, biscuits, ready meals etc.

Stress!! We know it is difficult to avoid, but being aware of your stressors and doing something about it is almost as good as avoiding them!

Not sleeping enough. This is SOOO important and many people underestimate it.

Chemicals in makeup, body products, hair products, cleaning products etc. These are all absorbed through our skin and are toxins to our bodies.

Over exercising. Exercise is good for us, but too much of it is damaging to our bodies.

Artificial sweeteners! No calories doesn’t mean it’s ok!!!

Caffeine! One coffee a day won’t do any harm if you’re healthy. However if you’re stressed, avoid it!

Alcohol. One night a week having a couple of glasses of red wine won’t do any harm. But drinking every night or binge drinking is a massive problem.

Sugar. It is legal cocaine!



Eat whole foods. Foods that you buy in the same state as they are in nature.

Organic fruits and veg. Avoid the toxic herbicides and pesticides!

If you eat meat- Organic, grass fed and local meats. Know where the food you’re eating comes from!

Eat gluten free grains.

Eat good fats to help make happy hormones!

Relax! Read, meditate, yoga, baths etc.

Sleep 7-8 hours a night.

Use non-toxic products.

Exercise just enough to be healthy but not too much to overdo it.

Drink water, water and more water!