A lot of the food on our retreats are raw. The term ‘raw’ is used to describe food that is uncooked or heated below 46 degrees. It sounds pretty boring but it’s not at all! You’re not just limited to fruits and vegetables. You can make some amazing foods and dishes by simply dehydrating food! Think nachos, noodles, crisps, granola, bread etc. It can be even more exciting than a ‘normal’ diet! However, the best bit about raw food is how nutritious and alive the food is and how it makes you feel. Cooking food kills a lot of the nutrients and enzymes naturally in food that helps us digest, absorb and thrive. So raw food is so much more nutritious and easier for our bodies to digest.


Juices and smoothies are an easy way of increasing the amount of raw food you consume in a day. We included them at our retreats and they are amazing at getting easily absorbable and digestible, living nutrients into the body. They are very different and both have benefits. You will be consuming more vegetables drinking a pint of juice than a pint of smoothie, however you will get all the fibre in the smoothie but not as many nutrients.


We don’t live our life 100% raw, but live by the principle that at least 60% of our daily diet should be raw. Being introduced to this and given the knowledge on one of our retreats is the perfect way to start!