First of all, you should do it for you! Not because your doctor or family have told you you need to lose weight or improve your health. You should want to do it, if not, you will not get the most from it.

Everyone has different reasons for coming on one of our retreats. You may wish to destress, kick start your life, lose weight, meet new people, feel energised, feel healthy and fresh, or you may be looking for a place to convalesce. It’s a REAL holiday, one your body deserves and one you will go home feeling amazing from, rather than tired because you ate and drank your entire body weight in ice cream and cocktails!

During the health retreat you may feel some detox symptoms. Our bodies have evolved to store toxins in the safest place possible, which is in our fat cells. Most of us are very toxic because of the food we eat and the environment we live in. On our retreats, the majority of the food is raw, the majority of it is organic and there are no toxins coming from processed foods, alcohol, pollution etc. After the first 24-32 hours of detoxing, the fat cells are broken down (therefore you will be losing fat) and the toxins are released into the blood stream. These toxins cause the ‘detox symptoms’ many people experience such as fatigue, headaches, spots etc. but they will only last a day or two. After that you will feel amazing, energetic and renewed! But don’t be put off by this initial stage as it is so worth it! Some people however don’t get any symptoms at all. We send you a ‘Pre Retreat’ pack which tells you how to prepare so you get as few symptoms as possible so you can enjoy your time at the retreat.

Everyone gets something different from our retreats. For some its just fat loss, improved energy and relaxation. However for others it can be life changing. Detoxing can clear your mind and make you see what you really want from life. So if you are at a crossroads in your life where you are not sure which way to go, a clear mind can steer you in the right path. It can also be life changing due to the knowledge you go away with on nutrition, exercise and yoga, and the support network when you get home. We are passionate about helping you reach optimum health, even after you have left the retreat, so if you are willing to change your health for the better, we will be with you every step of the way.